09 August 2010

Hot Business News 09.08

Special Report: Net Worth: Estate Planning Step 1: Recognize You Are Going to Die
Estate planning is less a matter of how much you have than where it is and how and to whom it will be transferred when the time comes.

Net-Worth Obsession
We all wonder how much money others have. Joey Kincer and other net-worth trackers are letting us in on the secret.

Renewed Interest in Financing Original Web Shows
Money is trickling back into the professional Internet video industry, helped by branded entertainment deals and venture capital firms.

The Media Equation: New York Magazine’s Lessons for Harman and Newsweek
New York magazine was a success for Bruce Wasserstein, offering Sidney Harman a rough blueprint for reviving Newsweek.

US tastes wine vending machines
Shoppers in the US state of Pennsylvania are given the chance to buy wine from vending machines in a supermarket instead of a state-owned shop.

Families booking later for summer
Many of us are used to booking last minute for hotels and flights, but until recently holiday parks would expect to be booked up for the summer holidays well in advance.

Who Has Time to Think?
Last week, we had a little internal revolt at the agency on this topic.

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Prototype: A Reusable Bag for the Dry Cleaners
For one couple’s invention to succeed requires not just a customer base, but also a cultural shift within the dry-cleaning world.

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