26 February 2010

My cousin Nick was driving uninsured

My brother Nick was driving uninsured. I regret giving him the car.

How often is it that cops check if you have insurance? Its never happened to me, that's for sure.

He will get a fine for sure, but that's not all. Now even if he wants to get insured, he will need SR22. Don't know what that is exactly myself. Found some articles SR22 Form, SR22 Insurance and SR22 - what is it?.

From what I gather, if he does it again he may go to jail. I know that driving without insurance is illegal, but didn't know that the penalties where that severe.

May be he should be happy he wasn't in a accident May be even drink driving without insurance - doesn't bare thinking about it

I still can't believe he did such an idiotic thing. Definitely the last time I'm giving him my car

23 February 2010

Driving without insurance in the state of Florida is a punishable offence

Do you drive without auto insurance in the Sunshine State? What will happen to you when you get caught? Even if you are a meticulous driver, don't you need a car insurance?

Its of paramount importance to establish one thing first . Driving your vehicle without auto insurance in Florida, or anywhere in the United States Of America for that matter, is illegal.

It is a crime in the eyes of the law and when, not if, you get caught for driving without insurance, you will have to face charges. Quite often, police officers do check people's auto insurance policies.

Your driving privilege can be suspended by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for up to3 years or until you provide a proof of Florida auto insurance.

Of course, suspending your driving privilege is only the beginning. In order to reinstate your drivers license, you will have no choice but to pay a fine as well.

You will also need a SR22 Form.

You may be given a penalty between $150 and $500, depending on previous traffic violations.

Putting things into prospective, driving with no an auto insurance is not just a punishable offence, but simply a dreadful idea.

Statistically, most of the serious accidents are caused by uninsured drivers.

Think for a minute, even if you are not fined just yet, it is very probable that you may cause an accident and without a car insurance you will most likely have to pay a very large amount of money to cover repairs and medical expenses.

Experts state that as many as 1 in 5 drivers in the state of Florida are without the required insurance cover. Especially true now given the state of our economy and people's need to save money.

Trying to save money is one thing, but when it comes to driving in Florida, the law is quite clear - you are obliged to have insurance.

Its is much wiser to save money by comparing quotes and finding affordable car insurance in Florida.

Save yourself from a lot of trouble by getting insured today.

Find more information about driving auto insurance and SR22 insurance

22 February 2010

Toyota recall - Will your car insurance premium go up

Have you been affected by the recent Toyota recall. After ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive, you may be wandering what will this recall do to your auto insurance? Will there be an increase to your insurance premium? Are you and your family still properly covered? Will the value of your car go down?

Insurance companies confirm that Toyota's recall will not affect your liability or collision insurance cover. Faulty accelerator can cause accidents and if you are in one, your claim will be accepted and paid. The manufacturer will be the one insurance companies chase for compensation. You may have to pay he deductible, but experts say Toyota will return part or all of the deductible to you.

Insurance companies, including Allstate and State Farm, are reassuring customers they won't have to pay more as a result of the recall.
The model and type of car you drive plays an important role when your insurance rates are calculated.Overall, Toyota has a solid reputation for making safe cars and it would be unfair to all Toyota drivers to automatically start paying more.

The value of used Toyota cars will undoubtedly go down. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should sell yours immediately. Lower car value may mean cheaper insurance when you have to renew your policy.

Wondering how much exactly has your insurance rate actually changed?
Compare auto insurance quotes in Florida now and see for your self.

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