14 April 2010

Latest Business News 14.04

Steps to Prevent Identity Theft, and What to Do if It Happens
Quick action is needed if an unusual charge shows up on a credit card statement or a thief opens an account in your name.

Wealth Matters: Protect Your Art With More Than a Handshake
Collectors of fine art may put their property at risk of theft through haphazard agreements with galleries, but the peril of damage through neglect and carelessness is more likely.

Intel Posts a Strong First Quarter
The company’s chief financial officer, Stacy Smith, expressed confidence by announcing that it would add 1,000 people to its work force this year.

Financial Tuneup: Automate Your Debt Payments
Have your credit card company (and other lenders) automatically take the minimum payment from your bank account each month. Then, pay more if you can.

JD Sports enjoys growth in profit
JD Sports sees a 26% increase in full-year profits - but warns tough economic conditions may force customers to cut back.

US and China hold economic talks
The US Treasury Secretary holds talks in Beijing amid a long-running dispute over the value of the Chinese currency.

Renters Insurance - Five Tips To Pay Less | High Risk Drivers And Car Insurance | Affordable Car Insurance For High Risk Drivers

For Inspection Help, Restaurateurs Turn to Consultants
A largely unregulated cottage industry of consultants has evolved to help restaurant owners deal with the byzantine inspection process of the city’s health department.

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Our Towns: For Some Farmers, Survival Through Hudson Valley Fresh Co-op
A former doctor’s effort to help small family farms in the Northeast stay in business by marketing and distributing their milk on their own.

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