26 February 2010

My cousin Nick was driving uninsured

My brother Nick was driving uninsured. I regret giving him the car.

How often is it that cops check if you have insurance? Its never happened to me, that's for sure.

He will get a fine for sure, but that's not all. Now even if he wants to get insured, he will need SR22. Don't know what that is exactly myself. Found some articles SR22 Form, SR22 Insurance and SR22 - what is it?.

From what I gather, if he does it again he may go to jail. I know that driving without insurance is illegal, but didn't know that the penalties where that severe.

May be he should be happy he wasn't in a accident May be even drink driving without insurance - doesn't bare thinking about it

I still can't believe he did such an idiotic thing. Definitely the last time I'm giving him my car

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